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The Percy-Dauber Drawing Room and Members’ Room

During the summer of 2008, Club member and interior designer, Gerald Pomeroy and his team of experts, transformed the tired drawing room and members’ room into today’s elegant Percy-Dauber Drawing Room and Members’ Room.  The catalyst for the transformation was a generous financial donation by long time Club member, Janet Bayley.  Janet requested that these rooms be named in honor of her friends, Elsbeth Melville Percy and Catherine Dauber, two remarkable Club past presidents.  A generous outpouring of talent, services, goods and contributions produced a beautiful and sophisticated result, which was unveiled and celebrated in September 2008.



   In April 2005 the first bedroom was unveiled as part of the Dream Room Makeover Challenge.   Lisey Good, an interior designer and Club vice president, had the idea to begin a re-decorating program that would allow the Club to makeover its eleven bed and breakfast bedrooms without completely shutting down.  Lisey completed the first room and named it after her Alma Mater. See the results!

The challenge was for a New England designer to transform the room in just two weeks with a limited budget set by the Club.   The Club’s own antiques and art were used.   In keeping with the Club’s educational focus, each finished room was dedicated to a different college or university.  The makeover spanned a three year period.  The last rooms were unveiled in the spring of 2008.

The challenge received significant press attention, with stories featured in The Boston Globe, and many alumni magazines of the colleges featured.